Master Python

Frank Anemaet
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Dive deep into the programming language. The book covers everything from the Basics to Data Analysis, Image Processing, Plotting, GUI programming, Web Development, Desktop Apps and even how to Automate your Web Browser!

What will I learn?

  • Learn Python programming as well a Object-Orientated Programming
  • Use Python for creating plots (charts, such as bar charts, scatterplots, etc)
  • Build Web Apps with Python Flask 
  • How to make Desktop Apps
  • How to do image processing, reading/writing images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.), convert between formats, modify images interactively, draw on images and more.
  • How to do Data Analysis for the Python programming language
  • How to Automate Chrome with Python

The book includes 369 pages with hundreds of exercises and many examples


  • Introduction
  • Learn Python Programming
  • Object Orientated Python
  • Create Plots with Matplotlib
  • Image Processing 
  • Analyze Data with Pandas
  • Create Web Apps with Python Flask
  • GUI Programming with PyQt
  • Automate the Web Browser with Python

Praise from others

"An interesting and complete book. It also shows how to create GUI using object oriented code, it is a quite useful guide for those who are starting with Python. More than recommended."

— José Rodriguez

"I generally do not provide written feedback for books but there's something really important about this book and it is that this is a GREAT book for someone with Python background trying to learn more. "

- Ricardo D.

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March 2021


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Master Python

1 rating
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