Create Desktop Apps with Python PyQt5


Ready to make your own apps?

In this video course I'll show you how to make desktop apps with Python and PyQt. It contains examples you won't find anywhere else.

You get: 

  • Video course (2 hours) 

  • Source code for all examples in the course

  • 80+ programming examples

  • Ebook (pdf, mobi, epub)

  • Demo apps like Text Editor, Web browser

  • Many more apps in the 2nd course

What you'll learn

  • Make Desktop Apps with Python

  • PyQt Includes Projects: Make a Web Browser, Text Editor and more

  • Understand how to use PyQt5 Design your apps with Designer

  • Create any Desktop App you want!

Get started with PyQt and Python.

Praise from others

"Clear and easy to follow"

— Jabulani Paul Maswanganye

"Really great course im taking a software design course via long distance learning and this course very useful for me since the textbook was a bit bulky."

— Tali Luvhengo

"Quick and simple, a good intro overview to PyQt5 basics!"

— Michael Phillips

"I really enjoyed learning, and instructor is very interactive ."

— Prashanth Reddy RK

"Great overview abouy pyqt. Ready for go deep water."

— Javier murcia

"Excellent! It was really worthy"

— Rhuan Fracalossi

"Really useful course got me up and running"

— James C

"In the first 2 videos the instructor has gone over things that took 5 or 10 videos for others to get to, also appears to provide a solid template and more details on the methods and calls."

— Eric Collins

I want this!
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Create Desktop Apps with Python PyQt5

I want this!