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Python Crash Course

Frank Anemaet

Ready to Learn Python?

This course will teach you how to program in Python 3! This course gets you started with Python quickly.

You get:

  • Course with 2 hours of video tutorials 
  • 125+ Exercises
  • Ebook (pdf) + 200 exercises

What you'll learn

  • Python 3 Programming Language
  • How to setup Python
  • How to use Python functions
  • Iteration, selection and sequention.
  • How to Read/Write files
  • Make your own Python programs
  • Start immediately
  • Start with Python Object Oriented Programming.
  • Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP) in Python
  • Apply OOP to handle complexity
  • Create an OOP architecture: Classes, Objects, Inheritance and more
  • Take your programming skills to the next level!

Praise from others

"Good to start with. Covered all the basics very lucidly"

—Deepak Sharma

"This is a good and concise course to start right away !"

— Rajneesh Verma

"Great course for beginners who want to start python."

— Anshul Mishra

"It was really great and helpful for people to have quick learning at their comfort"

— Shalima Reddy

"it taught me things I didn't know , and I was using this for a review course."

— Steven Thomas Moses

"For persons at beginner level, course is helpful. Way of Explaination of Instructor is very nice."

— Ayushi Sharma

"Easy, and Quick to understand."

— Perakit Sakulsaithongkum

"Nice course with clever instruction. I really like it and finish it with complete understanding."

— Seyedmostafa Safavi

"The training is good, the instructions are clear, the explanation is easy to understand"

— Tunggul Sutrambuko Mubowo

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Python Crash Course

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