Machine Learning with Python


Ready to master Machine Learning?

Learn Machine Learning with Python

You get:

  • Ebook (PDF)
  • Course with video tutorials 
  • Source code for all examples 

What you'll learn

  • Machine Learning with Python 
  • How some algorithms work internally
  • Data classification
  • Predict future values (used in )
  • How to apply ML algorithms to your own problems
  • Make your own Machine Learning programs
  • Much more!

Praise From Others

"Very nice course, instructor is very knowledgeable and explains stuff in a simple way without mathematically equations and formulae, in an easy to follow teaching style."

- David M

"I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to develop his/her ML skills with Python"

- Raymond E.

"Easy to follow along"

- Lauren Peppard

"nice course that covers the basics of machine learning"

- Ashwini Dnyaneshwar Kanskar

"Good Course"

- Bharath Bhushan

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Machine Learning with Python

I want this!