Data Analysis with Python Pandas

Frank Anemaet

Ready to master Python Pandas?

This course will teach you how to manage datasets in Python! This course gets you started quickly

You get:

  • Ebook (PDF)

  • Course with video tutorials

  • Examples programs

What you'll learn

  • Data Analysis with Pandas

  • How to use Pandas Data Structures

  • Load text data into Python

  • How to Read/Write CSV data

  • How to Read/Write Excel with Python

  • Select Columns, Rows and Cells

  • Do statistics on data

  • Sort data and other tricks

  • Visualize data with Python

  • Analyze Real World Data

  • Much more!

Praise from others

"Very focused course without unnecessary ramblings. Every lecture starts from very basics. Strongly recommended


"This course is fantastic! The instructor begins at the beginning for each lesson. Lesson is not long, giving you time to reflect. I highly recommend this course."

— Aaron

"Really nice course, leave you with enough knowledge that you feel confident on working with pandas."

— Steve

"This is the most simplified and well taught course for a beginner. "

— Jakub

"I finally feel I understand Pandas! I highly recommend it"

— Suresh

"Easy, and Quick to understand."

— Mike

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Data Analysis with Python Pandas

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