Create Web Apps with Python Flask


Ready to make Web Apps with Flask?

In this video course I'll show you how to make web apps with Python Flask. It contains examples you won't find anywhere else.

You get:

  • Complete course with 1 hour of video tutorials
  • Source code for all examples in the course
  • Ebook (pdf, epub, mobi)
  • 75+ Python Flask programming examples

What you'll learn

  • How to create Python Flask based web apps
  • Includes a class project
  • How to use an SQLite database with Flask including ORM and SQLAlchemy
  • Everything you need to Build your own Web Apps!

Praise From Others

"This course has helped me add another skill in my existing arsenal of skills"

- Raunaq Gautam Koppikar

"I generally do not provide written feedback for courses but there's something really important about this course and it is that this is a GREAT course for someone with Python background trying to get the basics of Flask framework. What makes this course great is that is SUCCINCT that is why it is so short but you'll get the very basic you'll need to get going with Flask"

- Ricardo Rodriguez

"Really good and depth knowledge. Learning is great with videos."

- Sutripta Roy

"Great course. I have a lot of experience with databases and Python so this was a great overview. I will definitely be referring to the course during my next project. Thanks."

- Hwilde50

"The instructor is very good and didactic. The program is simple and consequently good for beginners."

 - Leonardo Borges Firmino

"Easy to follow"

- Mark Benseman

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Create Web Apps with Python Flask

I want this!