Learn Object Oriented Programming with Python

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This course helps you understand Object Orientated Programming, starting with the most basic concepts.

The course will get you started quickly and easily, and teach you the main concepts such as classes and inheritance. 

It will also teach you how to create your own classes and how to implement inheritance for them. 

The course also includes exercises that you will not find anywhere else.

You get:

  • Ebook (pdf)

  • Video course on OOP

  • Exercises

You will learn

  • Object Orientated Programming

  • Paradigms like Classes, Objects, Inheritance and more

  • How to apply OOP to your programs

  • OOP tricks to make your life easier

Target audience

  • You know Python basics, but want to move to the next level

  • Beginner Python programmers that wants to improve skills

Praise from others

"This course is for absolute beginners, can be very useful for them to know the concepts available in Python from an OOPs perspective"

— Yamini Nair

"Yes, because I wanted a fast and simple course which got straight to the point."

— Sudhanshu Gupta

"This course is a good introduction to OOP in Python."

— Erwin Macaraig

"Really very good explanation."
— Nikhila

"An easy and clear introduction to difficult concepts."
— Yiannis Laouris

"Clear explanations"
— Sanela Ivelja

"great, this course has a simple explanation that will be good for someone that already known a bit of OOP in other programming language"

— Thomas Prayoga

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Learn Object Oriented Programming with Python

2 ratings
I want this!